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Evergreen is a leader in innovative product development.

Evergreen is a trusted products company located in Carlsbad, California that has been successfully developing products for over 15 years.

We can be relied upon to develop new products that offer solutions to many of today's problems; such as our line of non-toxic pest control products and cutting edge health and beauty products.

We continue to supplement our quality product portfolio with creative new products that generate consumer demand.

  • Packaging Design:
    Graphic Design Specialists create eye-catching packaging with configurations and content designed for different retail placement options and requirements.
  • Quality:
    Quality Control and Legal departments regulate the development process to ensure that we produce high quality products that satisfy customers.
  • Reliable:
    Project and Product managers work closely with the supply chain to prevent interruptions and guarantee reliable manufacturing.
  • Punctual:
    Customer Service and Logistics departments have an excellent track record for on time and reliable order fulfillment. We never miss a beat with our shipments!.