Welcome to Evergreen Products

demo3Welcome to Evergreen Products
Evergreen is located in Carlsbad, California and has been successfully bringing quality products that solve everyday needs to market for over 15 years.

Evergreen has branded itself as a leader in innovative pest control solutions; with an emphasis on non-toxic, DEET Free, effective products. In addition, Evergreen has developed an extensive line of cutting edge health and beauty products.

Departments of Transportation, Safety Supply Distributors, Forestry Departments, Major Chain Retailers, Grocery, Convenience, Drug Stores, Beauty Supply Stores, Salons, Health-food Stores, and other niche market retailers continue to enjoy success year after year with our products.

Evergreen can be relied upon to develop new products that offer solutions to many of today’s problems. We will continue to supplement our existing product portfolio with creative new products that will generate consumer demand.


2261 Rutherford Road
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Phone: 800.523.1256

Fax: 888.865.2996
Email: inquiry@ermproducts.com